WATCH: Private Plane Almost Lands on Sunbather at the Beach

It’s not every day that you decide to go to the beach for a nice relaxation session and almost get run over by a private plane. However that’s exactly what happened to one sunbather in Germany as evidenced by the video above.

Watch as a plane comes down for a landing and misses the beach-goer by mere inches before touching down a few feet away. As the video commentator points out, it seems odd for a runway to be right next to a beach, but we’re just thankful the man –who was facing down at the time — didn’t get mauled. What could have been a tragedy ended up as nothing more than a viral video. Whew!

As for what happened, pilot Juergen Drucker, 52 said to The Daily Mail, “It was me that was flying and I am really sorry. I have to say […] that wasn’t one of my greatest achievements in the cockpit” adding, “In my defense I can say that I didn’t see him because he was lying down and I’m just very grateful it worked out well.”

Another sunbather who saw the whole thing happen also shared his experience saying, “The man who was almost hit was lying down and he turned over to look after seeing the plane coming and then instantly flung himself down in the sand as it crossed over him. It really was a close shave.”

Check it out above.