WATCH: Rampaging Elephant Kills and Tramples Man, 5 Total Deaths

WARNING: The above footage is graphic, violent, and not intended for all viewers.

The above video from New York Daily News shows the horrific moment when a rampaging elephant kills and tramples a man in east India.

Prakash Boyra, 40, was killed after one of the elephants threw him into the air with its trunk and then trampled him. Others in the village were helpless, unable to stop the beast before the damage was done.

According to The Daily Mail, the herd of five elephants had recently entered the area from Dalma forest, and Boyra had gone to check on his land near Baghasole village when he got in the herd’s way. However, this is only the latest deadly attack by the wild elephant herd in the rural West Bengal area in the past few days. In the Bardhaman and Bankura districts, the herd killed four villagers and injured two others this weekend.

West Bengal forest minister Benoy Krishna Burman said the victims were trampled after angering the elephants by throwing stones to try to scare them off.

The male elephant died when it was hit by a tranquilliser dart fired by forestry officials summoned to help, and the other three – a female and two calves – ran away, Burman said.
Wildlife experts say encounters between humans and elephants are increasing in India’s rural areas due to the destruction of the animals’ habitat.