WATCH: A Rat & Pigeon Get into a Bloody Brawl but Only One Survives

WARNING: This video is very graphic and is not suitable for all audiences.

Onlookers in Brooklyn, New York were horrified recently when they saw a fight break out in the middle of the street between a huge rat and a pigeon. Apparently, one onlooker was not disturbed enough to turn away from the rat vs pigeon match. Instead, he captured the gruesome footage of these two animals fighting to the death.

As you’ll see, the rat becomes the victor after the pigeon gives it his all in trying to stay alive. The poor pigeon flits this way and that but the rat cannot be stopped as he mounts and bites the pigeon repeatedly until he’s just too injured to fight back.

You don’t actually get to see the rat make lunch out of the pigeon, thankfully, because he takes his kill discreetly over to the other side of the fence before having his feast.

Everyone needs their privacy, right?