WATCH: Real Life Transformer – NOLATron – Delights Kids on Street

This has got to be one of the coolest costumes — and costume transformations — we’ve seen in a long time.

Meet NOLAtron, a transforming robot from New Orleans (hence the NOLA in its name). This video was captured when a man was in Ann Arbor, MI a couple months back, and he saw what looked to be a man in a costume high-fiving some local kids who were thrilled to meet the robotic hero. All seemed pretty normal until the robot transformed into a car and began wheeling around the local street.

It’s kind of amazing, and to see the excitement¬†and wonder in these children’s faces is a pure delight. But they weren’t the only ones loving this scene. When the NOLATron YouTube video hit, it became an instant viral video sensation among adults as well, getting three million hits in one week. We didn’t post it on the site back then, but with the Transformers¬†movie being in the news again (it hit huge box office numbers in China), we thought we’d bring back this clip in case you haven’t seen it.

However, to be clear, on the NOLATron Facebook page, he makes it clear that he is in no way infringing on the Transformer’s copyright. He’s not an official Transformer. So please, movie studios, don’t go suing some guy who is just making kids happy around town.

Check out the NOLATron YouTube video above, and if you love it as much as we do, go like his Facebook page!

I was walking in Ann Arbor, MI and saw this really cool person being a Transformer.