WATCH: Rescued Baby Raccoon Just Thinks It’s One of the Dogs

The Autumn season brings out pumpkins of all kind, this particular one is much cuter than a regular squash gourd though. This is Pumpkin, a baby raccoon who needed to be rescued and, in the process, learned to be just one of the dogs!

Rosie Kemp and her daughter Laura Young found Pumpkin in their backyard, injured. It looked as though Pumpkin had fallen from a tree and broken an arm. So the mother-daughter duo decided to adopt the raccoon and took it upon themselves to nurse her back to health.

Pumpkin bonded instantly with Laura’s two dogs, and now she thinks she’s a dog too.

Laura and Rosie want to make it clear that while they lucked out with Pumpkin’s good behavior, raccoons are still wild animals who are not domesticated as pets. They can be moody and very destructive.