WATCH: Robyn & Snoop Dogg ‘U Should Know Better’ Video

Most music videos explode onto the scene once an album gets released — but not in the case of Robyn’s “U Should Know Better” featuring Snoop Dogg. That song came out a couple years back (when Snoop Dogg was still called Snoop Dogg instead of Snoop Lion like he is today) but it never got made into a video at that time. Instead, the 34-year-old Swedish singer, who’s probably best known to U.S. audiences for the songs “Dancing on My Own,” “Call Your Girlfriend” and “Hang With Me,” as well as being the opening act for Katy Perry’s last tour, explained the move this way: 

“Even though ‘U Should Know Better’ was released a couple of years back on Body Talk Pt 2, I wanted to make this video now anyway because the song is still banging and we had too much fun with this video idea to just sit on it.” – Robyn

The video follows Robyn and Snoop Dogg being played by actors of opposite genders. Robyn is a teen boy with a bowl haircut who looks a little like Justin Bieber, while Snoop is an exotic girl sporting braids and beautiful eyes. In their own way, they each really capture their respective singer’s looks and manners, especially when the Justin Bieber boy starts dancing like Robyn.

Some of the lyrics are NSFW, so put on the headphones.