WATCH: Russian Soldier Run Over by Tank Instead of Moving Out of the Way

Russian Soldier Pavel Touromov is so loyal to his nation that he wouldn’t even break his stance at attention to flee almost certain death.

Touromov, 19, was standing in a stationary formation during a military parade when an armored personal carrier — in other words, a freaking tank — got a little too close for comfort. The driver took a bit too narrow of a turn, which is kind of a big deal with a tank.

Instead of, you know, moving out of the way because it’s a tank, Touromov held his ground and was run over. Miraculously, the soldier survived the ordeal. And it was all caught on tape.

“He went down and straight under the wheels, his body making the vehicle bounce,” said witness Stanislav Popensku. “It was sickening to watch. I thought he was killed instantly but then amazingly he bounded up and ran off.”

A Russian medic confirmed that Touromov’s industries were mild for how badly they should have been.

“He has severe internal injuries but that is better than being dead, which is what we all expected at first,” Dr. Ignat Vavilov said.