WATCH: Ryan Gosling Ridiculously Cute at 12-years-old

Before he was a bona fide hottie, Ryan Gosling was one undeniable cutie!

Morning news show Canada AM dug up a ton of old interviews in celebration of its 40th anniversary a couple years back, and in their archives were videos featuring Drake, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne and a super adorable 12-year-old Ryan Gosling. Of course we were the most interested in that one. Buzz60 did a feature when the discovery was made, and we’ve posted it above.

The interview took place right after he was cast on Disney’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club, for which Gosling beat out 15,000 other young hopefuls and made his mark as Canada’s only Mouseketeer.

When asked for his reaction to landing the role, Gosling said “I hit the roof. It was so fun. My mother and I, we were just like jumping around … It was amazing [and] “the people of Disney are so incredibly amazing. They are so nice. They treated us like we were kings and queens.”

Want more Gosling goodness? We’ve found another video of the star-as-a-boy dancing in the hearts of girls everywhere. Check out the “Ryan Gosling 12 Years Old” video from Inside Edition that covers his dancing chops. You’re welcome.