WATCH: Sailors See Something Struggling in the Chilly Open Waters, Leads to an Incredible Rescue

Sailors off the coast of Naples, Italy got the surprise of a life when the spotted a tiny creature in the distances struggling in the open waters. It was furry and in the middle of nowhere in the chilly waters.

When they got closer, they realized it was a dog struggling to stay above the waves.

Apparently the dog was on the way home with its new owner when the dog fell overboard off of a ferry. The ferry’s crew reportedly refused to stop to rescue the dog, but the story has a happy ending.

The sailors were able to get the pup out of the waters to safety, and give him lots of love and dry him off once on board their own vessel.

Eventually they were able to track down the dog’s owners and reunite the pair.

The owners were incredibly relieved, because allegedly the ferry crew members told them the dog had ‘probably already drowned’ in the waters.