WATCH: San Bernadino Shooting Conspiracies Explode Over Internet

Within hours of the shootings in San Bernadino yesterday, a number of conspiracy theorists popped up analyzing the news footage. Like the Paris attacks last month, the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting last week, and the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre from 2012, these people have distributed their breakdowns of the coverage on various websites and YouTube channels.

But unlike Paris, Planned Parenthood or Sandy Hook, the San Bernadino shooting conspiracies seem to be gaining some traction.

The video above is long, but it summarizes a lot of the theories in one place. It shows elements of the news footage from yesterday, and mixes in government officials at press conferences and speaking engagements where they essentially “prove” that all of these events are connected — or how in some cases they never even happened. In terms of the San Bernardino shooting, these people believe it was a “false flag hoax” using “crisis actors” in order to further the agenda of the ruling elite.

Some highlights they claim prove it:

  • The main witness in the news reports is a Freemason.
  • Many news outlets didn’t show the Freemason logo on his hat, but some messed up and it was revealed.
  • There were crisis drills going on in the area with SWAT teams and actors playing victims, which is where they believe the footage comes from.
  • The attack is on a place that helps developmentally disabled people.
    • This is theorized to be more horrific, like the Sandy Hook attack on a school of children, so that gun legislation goes through.
  • Official Christmas tree lighting events were stopped (Jerry Brown did it in California) or turned into political events (like in Washington, DC) as a result of the attack.
    • This as another example of the “war on Christmas”
  • Photos of Donald Trump, Michelle Obama and Adolf Hitler (among others) all making the same Masonic hand gesture, showing they’re all in on it.

The big plan? To take away guns, remove Christianity from a place of power, and establish a New World Order.

This YouTube post offers links where a lot of the info is coming from.

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