WATCH: Sarah Palin Tells CNN Immigrants Should Speak ‘American’

Sarah Palin was in the news once again. Today she was speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper, where she told him that she wishes immigrants would learn how to “speak American.”

What was this all about?

Former vice presidential candidate was talking in response to the current ugly dispute between Republican presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Bush was recently seen speaking Spanish while on the campaign trail, and Trump suggested candidates not do that — that they should speak in English when talking to Americans. Bush, who speaks Spanish, called Trump intolerant.


Palin is reportedly angling for a position in a possible Trump presidency, so her response is no surprise. Defending Trump from accusations of racism, she digs him an even bigger hole: “You know, I think we can send a message and say, you wanna be in America? You better be here legally, or you’re out of here. Let’s speak American. I mean let’s speak English. That’s, a, uh, um, kind of a unifying aspect of a nation is the language that is understood by all. But, you know, I took Spanish in high school, and I took French in high school. I shouldn’t have taken them both because I got ’em all mixed up by the time I was graduating.”

Check out the “Sarah Palin Speak American” footage from the interview above.