WATCH: Angry Seal Head-Butts, Bites Kayaker Who Paddled Too Close to Newborn Pups

Here’s a lesson every man should know by now: Don’t mess with a mamma’s babies if you don’t want to get hurt.

That’s the lesson Stuart Schouw was reminded of when he recently went kayaking in South Africa. As you’ll see in the video above from The Daily Mail, as the 47-year-old paddler travels near “hundreds” of seals — including some newborn pups — a protective mother goes right for him, head-butting and biting at his kayak. It happens so fast in the video, that they had to slow it down to see just how powerful and scary the moment was.

Schouw wasn’t out there to deliberately cause problems. He was taking part in the 5 capes challenge, which involves rounding five of the notorious capes in South Africa within a 10-day period.

“We were close to the seals in the water and normally this isn’t a problem especially when the visibility is clear,” he explained to the pub. “However there were a number of newborn seal pups in the water and I am guessing that an overprotective mum decided to charge me. You can see how she gave me the eyeball and tried to intimidate me by sticking her head out the water then dived to get some speed up and leapt out of the water.”

Check out the damage the mamma seal left in the image below.seal attacks kayaker