WATCH: See This Stunning Time-Lapse Video of an Exploding Star

Astounding footage captured by NASA’s Kepler space telescope caught a stunning natural phenomenon going on 1.2 billion light-years away. The time-lapse footage captured the many stages of an exploding star, something we specks of humans on planet Earth would never ordinarily get the chance to see.  Particularly with the naked eye.

The video shows exactly what happens when the star is no longer sustainable—that’s the moment you’re seeing when the brilliantly bright flash occurs on screen.

Essentially what happens is that the star’s “internal furnace” cannot sustain the nuclear fusion at the core. It collapses and a shockwave is released from the implosion.

When the shockwave reaches the surface, the star is blasted apart in a supernova explosion.

Check it out in the video above.