WATCH: See What Happens When You Cut Into a Bloodwood Tree

This tree looks perfectly normal from the outside, but it has an unusual hidden secret. This tree bleeds when you cut it.

It’s not a Halloween gag, nor is it a prop from an upcoming horror movie. The tree is known as a Bloodwood tree, and you’ve probably never seen anything quite like it.

Fortunately, despite the shocking red color, the blood isn’t real, but is instead the tree’s sap.

The Bloodwood tree is native to the southern regions of Africa, and it is believed the sap has healing properties for wounds.

The vibrant red sap can also be used as a dye to create makeup and body paint, and has also been used in home remedies for its supposed “magical” properties.

See the video below from Woodworking Tips on Facebook to see what happens the moment the tree is sliced into.

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Posted by Woodworking Tips on Sunday, December 6, 2015