WATCH: Semi-Truck Uses Emergency Braking to Avoid Collision

I’ll admit it—I avoid semi-trucks on the road.

The bigger the truck, the more distance I like to create. Those things are carrying 40 tons of cargo and I worry about being crushed to death if the driver doesn’t apply the brakes on time.

If I see a new Volvo FH semi on the road though, I may not have to worry.

The Swedish automaker has applied the safety innovation technology from its passenger cars to commercial semi trucks.

You can view the brand new video above demonstrating how the emergency braking system goes into effect.

A radar and camera is used to focus on the road in front on the truck. If it senses it’s getting too close, it alerts the driver with an alarm tone and flashing red light.

If the driver doesn’t respond in the time limit to avoid a rear-end collision, the system automatically applies the breaks without assistance.

Check it out!