WATCH: Seth Rogan, Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer & 10 Others Do a Dramatic Reading of ‘Hotline Bling’

Everyone seems to be doing a cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” lately. Even Justin Bieber’s been doing it, even in the most random places like a beachside bar in Orange County, California.

Well, now’s the time for a dramatic reading of the song that just won’t leave our radios, ears and heads. Celebrities read Hotline Bling, and who better to do this than Seth Rogan, Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer and 10 other celebs, some of whom you haven’t seen in a long time (Is that really┬áJennifer Jason Leigh?).

After you laugh your butts off with this strangely amusing reading, check out the post below to see Bieb performing the hit in Laguna Beach.



Justin Bieber Performs Drake Song in Unlikely Place