WATCH: Shocking Footage of a Bridge Collapsing Captured by Hikers Who Fell Off

Many people have phobias of bridges, whether it’s just a little trepidation in crossing them or if it’s a fear so strong they refuse to ever step foot on one. Most people, however, usually put their worries aside and figure they won’t ever witness the horror of a bridge giving in under their feet.

Well, a group of hiking New Zealanders recently learned the hard way that not all bridges are capable of withstanding several humans at once. This particular bridge which you’ll see falling apart in the video, seems like it was in disrepair. Unfortunately, it was not blocked off from pedestrians.

Luckily, these hikers could swim, because they landed in water. A cellphone captured the hike, the bridge falling away and the group’s splash in the waters below.

Next time you come across a feeble looking bridge, you’re going to remember this insane video.