WATCH: Shocking Moment Scorned Wife Beats Up Husband’s Mistress, Throws Her Off Bridge

WARNING: Video contains graphic violence not suitable for all readers.

A woman in Brazil has gone viral after video footage shows her viciously attacking her husband’s alleged mistress, and then dragging the woman down the road and throwing her over a bridge into the waters below.

Cellphone footage shared with LiveLeak shows the woman and her friend confront the person they believe to be her husband’s mistress.

The result is a violent brawl as the alleged mistress is beaten, punched in the back of the head and dragged by her hair.

As if that weren’t violent enough, she is then tossed over the roadway bridge into the shallow pool of water below.

Fortunately it looks like the woman is relatively unharmed from her fall, however the brutal attack is still hard to watch.