WATCH: Skier Buried in Avalanche Rescued Just in Time by His Friend

Well, that was terrifying. Here’s the quick rundown: these skiers are initially exhilarated to be cutting through the powder, before the powder cuts through them, dragging them downhill beneath an avalanche.

Initially, it all seems okay for the skiers, even if they’re buried in waist-high snow. Soon enough, they realize their third member is missing — buried under snow, nearly at death’s door due to either cold or lack of oxygen.

After watching the video above, be sure to read this blog post, written by the man who was buried about the experience. A quick excerpt:

As the snow piled higher and higher, it became darker and darker until I was surrounded by an eerie black silence, broken only by the sound of my slow breathing and racing heartbeat. “Okay” I thought to myself; “You’re dead.” I had a shovel and probe in my backpack and I was wearing a transceiver, however, the others were only carrying a shovel and probe. I was convinced that they would not find me in time. Unable to move I focused on slowing my breathing, relaxing and conserving oxygen. I felt bizarrely emotionless and wondered for a moment what death would be like. Then I remembered that I was reaching upwards with my left arm, ski pole still attached. I tried to wiggle my hand and I felt a ‘pop’ as the top 5cm of the pole broke the surface of the snow. Suddenly emotion flooded through me as I realised that Andrew, Dan and Leonard would be able to locate me under the snow if they saw the tip of the pole. However I still forced myself to remain calm as I sat in wait.