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WATCH: Remember When Snoop Dogg Narrated “Planet Earth?” We Laughed So Hard We Cried!

Snoop Dogg is no David Attenborough, but he definitely brings new life — and a big cloud of pot smoke — to the popular BBC nature show, Planet Earth.

Despite being high – or maybe because of it – Snoop provides a unique voiceover to the show and has us completely falling out of our seats laughing.

According to Snoop Dogg, Planet Earth is full of hilarity.

Apparently, this series was originally the brainchild of Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop two in 2014. It took them two years to release the video, and the world loved it!

The Doggfather is a little challenged in the nature department but he gives a hilarious commentary because of it.

If you never had an appreciation for nature before, you will be after watching Snoop’s innovative take on the subject matter.

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