FAKE OR REAL? — Snowboarder Chased by a Giant Bear, Doesn’t Notice a Thing

A terrifying video made the rounds on the web a few years back, and for good reason. Imagine spending a carefree day on the slopes, filming some runs down the mountain. But what if that footage captured something lurking in the snow drifts?

That’s exactly what happened to Kelly Murphy, reportedly at the Hakuba 47 resort in Japan. She was filming herself snowboarding for a selfie video. As she starts her downhill journey, the camera—shaking from movement—pans intermittently, showing a large, lumbering brown bear loping down the slopes chasing her.

Blissfully unaware, Murphy is seen singing along to a Rhianna song on her headphones. Here’s the short video so you can see what garnered all the attention.

The snowboarder chased by a bear video was posted three years ago. But after it quickly became the must-talked about video, some folks started questioning its validity. Did she actually have this close brush with death, or is the bear skillfully photoshopped (special effected-ed) into the footage?

After seeing this pop up in Facebook memories we did some digging and discovered this YouTube sleuther who says it’s fake. How fake? As fake as people teleporting or an old lady who makes fur coats out of cats. Check out the video that breaks it out.

Were you fooled when this viral video first appeared on the interwebs? Did you believe in this one back in the day? Don’t feel bad. This was before the era of fake news and Russians meddling in US elections. We were all much more innocent back in 2016. Hopefully, this kind of debunking will keep everyone’s eyes open for other potential hoaxes. And, if not, First to Know will be there to spell it out for you.

You’re welcome.

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