WATCH: Starling Murmuration One of Nature’s Rare Phenomenons

If you have ever had the opportunity of witnessing such a breathtakingly beautiful sight in person – you are lucky.

Starling murmurations are a very rare winter spectacle. The extraordinary phenomenon occurs when hundreds, even thousands of starlings flock together in unison.

Their acrobatic displays nearly darken the sky; conveying a sense of a suspended reality.

They are instantly transformed just as if the flock were a liquid turning to gas or metals becoming magnetized. Each bird within the flock is inter-connected to every other.

As you watch the video, it may appear that each bird turns simultaneously. How is this possible?

The answer remains to be discovered. It is an exquisite example of the many universal principles we have yet to understand about nature.

But you can still marvel and be in awe of such a wondrous sight.