WATCH: Girl Dancing Seductively with Food Is Breaking the Internet

There’s no shortage of weird stuff to watch on the Internet these days, but we have to give props to this young lady for creating perhaps the most unusual video we’ve ever seen.

This South Korean woman has taken the Internet by storm with her strange dances with food and everyday household items. We can’t understand a word she’s saying, but that hardly seems to matter. Her bizarre routine and outfit changes are nothing short of mesmerizing.

You can see 쇼리 (Syori in English) lovingly kiss and pretend to eat a whole fish. She sways around with bananas and cuddles squid. And that’s not all. She also recreates scenes from films, like Transformers and Little Mermaid, while prancing with edibles.

It could be that she’s just so cute or that she’s just so bizarre, but whatever it is that’s grabbing people’s attention, this video has gone mega-viral. Now, you too can enjoy Syori’s homage to food.