WATCH: Take a Turtle’s Eye-View Swim Through the Great Barrier Reef

As the UNESCO World Heritage Committee makes a decision on whether Australia’s Great Barrier Reef should be ruled as endangered, one project aims to raise awareness about shrinking underwater habitats. WWF Australia, an environmental conservation group, decided to use a simple sea turtle to show us just how majestic the undersea scape of the Great Barrier Reef truly is.

Affixed with a GoPro camera, the turtle films his journey as he swims through the reef, capturing an underwater world that humans rarely see. Gliding effortlessly, almost as though he is flying through the water instead of swimming, the turtle takes us on a journey like no other.

On their Facebook Page, WWF Australia wrote why the turtle’s undersea adventure was so important to capture on film.

They wrote:

“This is special. The Great Barrier Reef is home to almost 6000 species. Thanks to GoPro, here’s what the journey through it looks like for one of them: a turtle’s eye view of the Reef.

To find out more about the level of pollution affecting turtles within the Great Barrier Reef, we’re working on innovative project in Queensland […].

As part of that project, the opportunity arose to very carefully fit a small GoPro camera to a turtle, to better understand the post-release behavior of tagged green turtles. The result is this amazing video.

Next week, the World Heritage Committee will vote whether to keep a strong watch over Australia until the health of the reef improves. We bet this turtle hopes they do. Sign up to ask them to protect her here: