WATCH: Teen Escapes Rapist by Biting Off His Tongue

WARNING: The video above contains graphic images.

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare, and this courageous teenager in Southern France used her quick thinking to escape. The 19-year-old girl was followed into her apartment complex one night by a 24-year-old man, who cornered her in an elevator. He proceeded to assault her, ripping at her blouse and demanding sex. In such a tight space, with no one around, the girl did what she thought gave her the best chance to get away.

The unnamed victim allowed the attacking man to kiss her, which gave her the perfect chance. Once she felt the man’s tongue in her mouth, she bit down hard enough to sever it in half. Shocked and disoriented, the man fled, leaving behind a trail of blood and the other half of his severed tongue.

The girl reported the incident to the police, who sent out an alert to nearby hospitals to be on the lookout for anyone seeking treatment for a severed tongue. As it turns out, the attacker was in fact in an emergency room at one of those hospitals, trying to get medical assistance. He was quickly arrested at the hospital.

The other piece of tongue left behind at the scene, as well as the DNA evidence from the blood, was enough to prove that he was the attacker. A French court recently sent him to prison.