WATCH: Teen Films His Tourette’s Flare-Up During Nerve-Wracking Trip to the Airport

A 17-year-old teenager from Belfast, Northern Ireland was caught on camera shouting “bomb” and “I’m a terrorist” while going through an airport but, despite the many uncomfortable looks of his fellow travelers, he wasn’t tackled to the ground and immediately detained by security.

That’s because Lewis Nickell suffers from Tourette ’s syndrome, a condition that causes uncontrollable flair-ups of various tics—which can include muscle spasms and shouting rude and inappropriate phrases over and over again in public.

Nickell said that his condition only started to show symptoms when he was 15-years-old. It started as a shoulder twitch but eventually progressed to the point where he shouts randomly, sometimes expletives and other bad phrases.

Although he became obviously self-conscious about it, and has had to miss out on certain family events and going out to certain places to avoid causing a scene, he is trying to raise awareness for what it’s really like to live with Tourette’s.

He has made a series of videos to share his experience with Tourettes, and what day-to-day life can be like.

In the case of the video at the airport, Nickell said he had his brother alert airport workers about his condition and why he was filming ahead of time.

That didn’t stop the strange looks he received from other travelers who had no idea what was going on but, according to The Mirror, Nickell said that most people quickly seemed to guess that he suffered from some kind of condition.