WATCH: Teen Girl ‘Becomes Possessed’ After Using a Ouija Board App on Phone

We’ve all heard of people having freakish experiences while using a ouija board to summon the ghosts of the dead, but a demonic possession from using a ouija board app on a smartphone is a new one.

Patricia Quispe, from Chosica, in the Lima province of Peru, ended up “possessed by evil spirits” after doing just that. Normally, we’d think she just scared herself into believing something demonic had taken over her body but the footage you see above raises some questions and frankly dashes away doubts about whether or not something sinister did happen to this teenager.

What Quispe keeps shouting in Spanish in the video is for help from her mother and for the devil to “let [her] go.” At the local hospital, Quispe thrashed around and her body convulsed while nurses tried to keep her still and calm. It took them over an hour to restrain her because she was unusually strong, they said.

Quispe’s friends say that she’d downloaded the app over the weekend and had a sense of humor about connecting with the spirit world. Strangely, when she returned home after playing with the app, her parents said she became unwell. They called an ambulance when she began convulsing and foaming at the mouth.

Witnesses have no doubt that Quispe is possessed by “satanic spirits.” Friends of the teen also feel the same, saying her personality changed and she started speaking in a different voice, lost control of her body and began calling out for the devil after playing with the ouija app.

Ms Quispe has now been committed to a psychiatric ward while doctors investigate her unusual behavior.

What do you think happened? Is this teen possessed or mentally ill? Let us know your thoughts below.