WATCH: Tender Moment Between Concerned Sea Lion & a Little Girl

A playful little girl, a concerned sea lion, and a touching moment caught on camera: That about sums up a sweet encounter that occurred at the American Trail section of Washington D.C’s National Zoo earlier this week.

A little girl visiting the zoo was playing and running alongside a sea lion’ tank, when she took a bit of a tumble to the floor. As soon as it happened, the sea lion took note, stopped and turned back in concern to see if her playmate was okay.

Other visitors at the zoo happened to catch the incident on camera, forever preserving the sweet memory for the child and her family to keep. Of course, the rest of the internet gets to share the moving moment, as well.

The video was posted by YouTube user Ariel Myren on a Tuesday, and within four days it had already garnered over10,600 views. Check it out.