WATCH: Terrified Man Calls 911 on His Own Cat After Four-Hour Standoff

A terrified Connecticut man called 911 after he was attacked by his own hormonal cat. Mohammad Lokman made the early-morning phone call after he claims his eight-pound cat, who had recently birthed a kitten, scratched and bit him so badly that he and his wife fled the house.

Apparently Lokman and his wife waited almost four-hours, before giving up and deciding to call for help.

“You want the police to come and remove a cat,” the operator had to verify, probably suspecting some kind of prank.

In the transcript from the call, Lokman begs for help because he can’t go inside his home.

A segment from the transcript reads:

911 operator: What’s the problem?

Lokman: The problem is my cat was getting too aggressive. I was inside and she attacked me, and she scratched me in my leg and bite me. So me and my wife, we come outside and now we cannot go in the home like for three, four hours.

911 operator: Ok, you said a cat?

Lokman: Yeah.

911 operator: Where is the cat?

Lokman: In my home.

Lokman then tells the operator that he and his wife are sitting in their car in a parking lot because they can’t go back into the house.

According to a report from CBS2, the couple was eventually able to return to their home—and both the cat and the kitten are doing fine.

Lockman said that in a year and a half, the family has never had this problem with the cat and they are puzzled as to why things went south so quickly.

Katina Wargo, who works with Stamford Animal Control, said that the cat probably felt threatened and went into protective “mom” mode.

“A mom protecting its baby,” she said. “She probably didn’t realize it was him, or she was on the protective mod.”

She said there is usually a reason behind these sudden behavior changes and that, when frightened, even well-behaved pets can—and do—become aggressive.