WATCH: Terrifying Land Octopus Goes Ashore and Drags Crab into Its Undersea Lair

Are you scared of octopuses? Well, you probably should be judging from this video wherein an octopus morphs into a land octopus by leaping out of the water to snatch a delicious crab. The merciless octopus then drags its squirming prey back into its underwater lair where it will presumably torture it.

Porsche Indrisie, a seafood assistant at a restaurant, Burswood Seafood, captured this unsettling footage at a tidepool in Western Australia purely by coincidence.

“I don’t know why I started filming it, but I always have a camera in front of my face,” she told WA Today. “It really was just a random moment. I was just so surprised the octopus could leap out of the water like that.”

So were we Porsche. So were we.