WATCH: Terrifying Moment Haunted Puppet Moves on Its Own Inside Sealed Glass Case paranormal investigator, and collector of haunted items named Jayne Harris has new, frightening footage of what might be the creepiest puppet we’ve ever heard about.

Harris received the creepy puppet to study—the previous owner claimed that it had tried to choke him to death.

After three months of recording footage of the puppet every night, Harris caught something truly shocking.

Her night vision cameras seem to have caught the puppet moving on its own accord while sealed inside a glass case.

Harris told the Daily Mail that this is one of her most exciting cases yet.

“I’ve never had anything as exciting as this. I’ve caught pictures of mists, orbs and shadows,” she said. “But nothing as physical as this video evidence.”

In the video, the puppet’s wooden handle can be seen moving itself upright, before knocking into one of the glass panes of the box.

Harris said that the case is blessed, so she considers it a safe zone for her paranormal experiments. She also confirmed that the case has no doors—it would have to be physically lifted off of the base in order for anything to access or move the puppet.

Haunted Puppet

Check out the video above to see for yourself.

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