WATCH: The Cutest 2-Legged Dog Ever Finally Gets Wheels–from a Stranger!

Scooter is the cutest dog with or without legs, but the story about a complete stranger making it so he can run around will tug at your heartstrings.

Scooter was born with only two hinds legs but was lucky enough to be adopted by a loving woman at two months old despite that fact that he could barely get around.

It wasn’t very long before owner Tina Gantz became determined to find a way to give Scooter a way to run around. She even tried to make a cart with wheels on her own, but it wasn’t very successful. That’s when she connected on Facebook with the owner of a dog named Bubbles, who was also a 2 legged dog a long time ago.

Bubbles’ owner had bought a 3-D printer and created a cart with customized wheels for his own dog and his creation had worked! Tina became hopeful.

The kind hearted (unidentified) man eventually offered to make Scooter his own set of wheels. Tina has never met Bubbles’ owner before, but he did this for her and other dogs with missing limbs out of the goodness of his precious heart! Imagine how freeing it is for Scooter, Bubbles and so many other dogs that now have mobility because of this man’s 3-D prints!

If there’s a heaven, Bubbles’ owner is definitely in!


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