WATCH: The Fastest & Craziest Tight-Reverse Parallel Parking Job Wins World Record

A new Guinness World Record has been officially set for the tightest parallel park in reverse with a combined distance of 34 cm between cars in front and behind. The driver beat the previous world record by one centimeter.

This feat was accomplished by a British stunt driver, 37-year-old Alastair Moffatt. He has revealed his secret to his crazy skill since he won:

“You have to do this at speed in reverse because you need as much momentum as possible to flip the car around. It would be physically impossible to get the car into the space by shunting it in.I have probably practiced it a hundred time – practice makes perfect.”

If I tried parking this way, let’s just say that my car insurance would hit the roof and I’d probably get a bloody nose from the drivers of the other two cars.

You have to watch this crazy video.