BREAKING: First 2 Minutes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ‘Leaked’ – Internet Explodes Over Possible Hoax

The bad news: Star Wars: The Force Awakens won’t be in theaters until next week.

The good news? You can watch the first two minutes of the bootlegged version of the film here to get your fix until the film opens. Allegedly.

The video looks legit, with a Disney opening animation, Lucasfilm logo, and the traditional scrolling copy with theme song that fans have come to know and love. It looks to be shot on a camera phone in front of a monitor, as though someone snuck into the editing bay and shot it off the screen there. So with those elements, websites immediately began sharing the footage, and it’s become a top trending post within minutes.

But is it real?

After the intro, you see Rey walking across the dessert before being interrupted by an explosion and Jar Jar Binks. It implies that Jar Jar and friends are killed in a massacre.

JAR JAR BINKS? We know fans hated this character, so this would be a fun scene, but since he’s in the first three episodes he’d need to be super old — older than Darth Vader — to be in the new episodes. We cry bullshit on this one.

But, if you want to dream, savor these two minutes … until next week.