WATCH: The Horrifying Moment a Furious Bull Charges at a Crowd

The footage above is from Palomares del Campo in Spain during a bull fighting event. Usually only two people are in the ring with a bull at a time. However as you can see in the footage above there were way more than¬†just two¬†people trying to get this animal’s attention.

The massive brown bull is stomping its hooves and digging at the ground right before it charges at the man in the purple shirt. The man is able to make it over the large fence which encloses the ring, but so does bull.The animal ends up hitting the man as he lunges over the gate not only hitting the man teasing him but a few people in the crowd as well.

You immediately hear everyone scream, in fear as the bull continues to angrily dig at the ground. Watch as the bull charges at a crowd above, and let us know if you would ever go in a ring with an animal like that below.