WATCH: The Kardashian Sisters’ Controversial Transformation in Time-Lapse Video

Did Kylie, Kim and Khloe¬†have plastic surgery? That’s what everyone wonders, and frankly, it’s hard to deny after watching this time lapse video made by¬†Instagram artist Saint Hoax.

Now you can see each of the three sisters’ lips, face shapes and hair changing from the time they first appeared on television to now.

The reason Hoax’s video is so controversial is because his short clips feature a doctor’s gloved hands and a syringe in the bottom right-hand corner, suggesting that the famous sisters have had multiple plastic surgery procedures on their faces.

So far, Kylie is the only one who admits to having had any work done. She recently confessed to getting lip injections. But is that all there is to tell fans?

We want to know what you think after watching this. Have they had plastic surgery? Tell us what you think they’ve had done.