WATCH: The Moment a Cable Snaps on Slingshot Ride Mid-Air

We knew there was a reason we never wanted to go on that slingshot ride at amusement parks. Well, aside from just being complete wussies, we just never trusted that it was safe.

The horrifying video above shows exactly what happens when something goes wrong on one of these rides.

Two thrill seekers at Luna Park at Cap d’Agde on France’s Mediterranean Coast got the scare of their lives when one of the cables snapped while the slingshot was in mid-air.

One of the riders ended up breaking her leg after the capsule slammed into a railing.

What’s even worse is that they were left dangling above ground for over an hour waiting for firefighters to come to their rescue.

The ride has since been closed. An investigation into the accident found that a “manufacturing defect” was to blame for the near-death experience.