WATCH: The Moment Inmates Escape from Prison by Helicopter

A dramatic video of two Canadian inmates escaping from prison by helicopter has everyone talking about the most unlikely way these guys made it out. If you watch, you’ll see they don’t have an easy time of it.

The footage was filmed by guards at St-Jérôme Prison in 2013, but the video has just emerged during an unrelated trial of one of the escapees, Bejamin Hudon-Barbeau, according to Sky News.

The prison guards said they didn’t have guns to confront the armed accomplices, so they simply watched and filmed the drama as it unfolded.

The two inmates can be seen struggling to get on the prison’s roof by scaling the side of the building until the helicopter’s rope drops down and carries them away.

The armed accomplices in the helicopter posed as tourists and hijacked the plane before forcing the pilot to land on the prison’s roof.

The pair was caught a couple of hours after the escape and were charged for hijacking a helicopter and escaping prison.