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WATCH: The New Condom Challenge Is Getting Bigger Than the Ice Bucket Challenge

Don’t confuse this new condom challenge with 2013’s condom snorting challenge, which was totally silly. Yes, it gets confusing with so many challenges happening all the time. There was, of course, the ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and even putting yourself on fire made the list.
This new condom challenge, however, is not dangerous or painful. It’s actually pretty educational. Basically, you fill up the condom with water (about a gallon) and then drop it on your friend’s head. The result is surprising. You pretty much end up with something that looks like a swimming cap. What’s incredible about this challenge is that it really shows how durable a latex condom is. If it’s not breaking after a gallon of water, well then…
At least there’s a moral to this challenge: You can have safe sex, and you can trust most condoms. Besides, the videos are pretty hilarious!

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