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WATCH: “The Uncommon History of Very Common Things” Premieres With New Nerd Fun

We’re only five days into 2022, but the year is already looking up. Sure, COVID cases are skyrocketing, but free streaming service Crackle has answered the need for fun stay-at-home programming with the return of their highly-bingeable series The Uncommon History of Very Common Things.

While the premise is pretty obvious from the name, it’s the execution that makes this show worth watching. Using archival photos, animation, and a healthy dose of humor, each 30-minute episode is made up of three stories about very common things that you may kind of know about. However, the show’s deep dive into history and culture elevates the stories to a whole new level.

For example, did you know that high heels date back to Ancient Egypt? And what do chocolate bars have to do with the invention of the microwave oven?  Well, the show gets into it all in a way that trivia nerds and curious folks can both grab onto.

Each half-hour episode of The Uncommon History of Very Common Things examines the unknown, sometimes shocking, often irreverent, and always entertaining history of the everyday items that make up our lives. 

Check out the trailer, then find out about this season’s topics below.

The Uncommon History of Very Common Things airs on Crackle, the free streaming service owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. There are currently ten episodes available — with new ones that premiered this week. Topics include everything from neckties and cosmetics to balloons, surfing, toilets, and toothpaste.

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