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WATCH: There’s a New App that Delivers Gas Straight to Your Car

The premise of WeFuel, which launched January 26, 2016, is that you download the iPhone app, type in the location of your car, and request a fuel delivery.
On average, the delivery takes about 30 minutes, at which point a hazmat-certified driver rolls up in a small truck, pops open your gas tank, and fills up your car with regular or premium unleaded gas. Before fueling begins, he also plops a red fire extinguisher down on the sidewalk — just in case.
The customer doesn’t even have to be there for the WeFuel service as long as the gas tank is unlocked. WeFuel will only fill up your vehicle if it’s in an uncovered space.
The service cost is a $7.49 fee per fill up. The price per gallon of fuel on a given day is based on fuel prices for specific zip codes, using GasBuddy as one of its data sources. But there are also plans to roll out a monthly subscription service for unlimited refills, at $19.99 per month per car, plus the cost of the gas.
WeFuel is not the only startup that will bring fuel directly to your car. There’s also Filld, GasNinjas, FuelMe, and Yoshi, just to name a few. They all charge roughly the same fee.
WeFuel says it hopes to partner with rental car businesses soon too. remember that you have to return your rental with the tank full. How perfect to have someone come out to you on that hectic last day instead of finding a gas station.

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