WATCH: They Left Candy Out & a Note to Be Considerate, Mom Gets Busted Stealing Treats from Kids

A family was scheduled to be away from home on Halloween so they set up a table with a generous amount of chocolate bars and candy by the front door. Along with the treats, they left a note to trick or treat-ers asking them to “Help yourself but be considerate!” There was no mention of the hidden camera.

The family assumed that when it came time to watch the video, they’d catch kids being greedy with the candy and even fighting over who gets what. Surprisingly, they were wrong. The kids were great. A giant bunny, who also happens to be a mother, is the one who didn’t follow the notes admonition.

Not only did this mother take most of what was on the table, she began goading her kids to take more too.

So there you have it. It takes just one bad adult to end the evening on a sour note.