WATCH: This 19-Month-Old ‘Genius’ Baby Can Already Read

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Inform) – Carter Whiteside, who is 19 months old, has already learned to read over 300 words. Carter can also count all the way up to 50.

According to educational consultant Elaine McEwan-Adkins, most children learn to read between kindergarten and second grade, but this 19-month-old baby boy is not like most children.

Carter’s mother, LaToya Whiteside shot some adorable footage of her child reading place cards, reports Daily Mail. The video shows Carter reading words like ‘are,’ ‘was,’ and ‘like.’  While Carter’s pronunciation is not flawless, it is impressive nonetheless, and he’s visibly sounding out the words.

In the video Latoya explains, “He reads signs everywhere we go so I’m sure he knows more than even I am aware. My son started recognizing words and signing when he was just seven months old. He began sounding out words I had never shown him at around 12 months.”