WATCH: This Chef Dips His Hands into Boiling Hot Oil and Doesn’t Even Flinch

How is this possible? The owner and chef of a seafood restaurant in New Delhi, India does something every day that leaves his patrons watching in shock.

Prem Kumar cooks over a vat of boiling hot oil, frying fish all day. As he works with the food, he uses his hands to dip the fish into the fryer—and then goes one step more by dipping his own hands into the hot liquid.

Even a tiny amount of hot oil can leave skin peeling away, and can easily give the unfortunate victim third degree burns, but Kumar doesn’t even flinch. In fact he dips his hands back into the oil over and over again throughout the day, and doesn’t get burned once!

It turns out that he learned the trick by watching his own father cook and has practiced the technique for years.

He simply submerges his hands in cold water prior to dipping them in the hot oil. The water turns to steam, which creates a protective—if extremely temporary—barrier between his skin and the burning oil.

Don’t try this at home, but check out the video above to see this amazing feat.