Watch: This Dancer Tells His Mom He Got Booked for Taylor Swift’s World Tour

Usually a loved one is the first person we call during life’s biggest moments. So when this dancer found out he got booked to perform on Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour, he of course did what anyone would do—he called his mom to tell her.

Robert Green decided to film the moment he shared the big news with his mom, and we’re glad he did. We get to see the moment he shares with his mother his dream come true.

It’s probably the best thing you’ll see today.

Green opens the call by telling his mom he has some big news, but keeps her in the dark a little bit to build anticipation. In the suspenseful moment before he spills the news you can tell his mom just wants to know what’s up.

He tells her that he booked a world tour and, before he can even unveil who he’ll be touring with, his mom completely loses it with joy.

Understandably, his mom is ecstatic and goes absolutely crazy with excitement. When he finally announces that he’ll be on tour with Taylor Swift herself, his mother becomes completely incoherent with happiness.

You’ve just got to see this heartwarming video for yourself.