WATCH: This Is Nose Twerking, and It’s the Latest and Strangest New Internet Sensation

There have been a countless number of strange trends and Internet challenges that have reached viral heights online. From the Ice Bucket Challenge, to the Condom Challenge, there are no limits to what people will do for a bit of social media fame and attention.

The latest bizarre craze involves twerking, but not the kind you do with your tush.

People are drawing cartoon butts on their noses, and taking to social media with videos of themselves making their nose-butts twerk.

It’s kind of weird and strangely also hilarious.

The most popular background music so far has been Rihanna’s hit song “Work,” but it’s definitely not the only soundtrack to this strange trend.

One such video has already garnered over 31 million views on Facebook in less than a week’s time.

Check out the challenge in the videos below, and let us know what you think. Is this just another stupid Internet trend, or is it actually kind of hilarious?

I’m sexy and I know it ??? #Twerking nose makeup via @veroonicaong!

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“Nasen-Twerking” bei RT1 ??? #twerk#twerk#twerk#work#work#work#nosetwerking#rt1#augsburg#shake#baby#riri#crazy#funny#work

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