WATCH: This Is What It Looks Like to Scuba Dive Between Two Continents

The icy waters might be just slightly above freezing temperatures, but the water is crystal clear. This beautiful, unlikely paradise is called Silfra, and it marks the spot where the continental tectonic plates between North America and Europe meet.

The rift makes it possible for divers to touch both continents at the same time.

The Silfra fissure, located in Thingvellir Lake, Iceland is one of the best diving spots in the world, with clear visibility for up to 100 meters.

The crack between the two continents is filled with hot springs and volcanoes, as well as various faults and valleys. The gap between the two plates widens by an estimated two centimeters each year.

A video of divers exploring the fissure was shared on Facebook earlier this week, and has already garnered over 25 million views.

The movement of the divergent plates creates tension, which is usually released through a major earthquake every decade, which in turn creates new cracks and fissures similar to Silfra.