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WATCH: This Is Why Wombats Poop Cubes

Wombats are like big, adorable and squishy-looking teddy bears. They’re fluffy, and have sweet faces.
They also create cube-shaped poop. While poop comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, we’d never heard of cube-shaped poop before. Of course, the animal kingdom proves once again that just about anything is possible.
The marsupials—close relatives to the koala—are native to Australia and are generally nocturnal creatures. While they keep to the safety of underground burrows and sleep a lot, they also use their distinct poop shape to effectively mark their territory. Fun fact, the cube square shape keeps the deposits from rolling away!
Actually, according to, despite sleeping for almost 16-hours per day, the Wombat can produce up to between 80 to 100 cubes of poop every night.
But why do they poop in such an unusual shape? It makes you wonder if the poop is cube shaped, does that mean wombats have a square butt?
It turns out that’s not quite true. The wombat doesn’t have a square anus, but it does have a slow digestive process. This means that the poop becomes dry and compact within the system, before it ever leaves the wombat’s body as excrement.
Additionally, the wombat has lots of ridges lining their large intestine which undoubtable play a role in shaping the poo. Because the poop is so dry, it is not compressed into a more rounded shape as it passes through the rectum and instead remains cubed.
Get more information from the video above.

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