WATCH: This Man Is Still Madly in Love with His Wife Who Doesn’t Remember Him

Pat Testa, 95, met the love of his life Carmela—aka Millie— when he was just 16-years old. He married her two years later, and the pair were inseparable. They have been married for 76 years but now, after Millie has succumbed to the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, the two live separately.

Despite the separation, Pat visits his beloved every single day that he is able to and he is as deeply, madly in love with her as when they first met—even though Millie often times doesn’t even remember who he is.

Listening to Pat describe his undying love for Millie will restore your faith in true love.

Read more about their story here, and watch the video above to hear Pat talk about the love of his life.