WATCH: This Mom Breastfeeds Her Daughter While Pole Dancing

Ashley Wright, a dance teacher who has been pole dancing for eight years, might just be a master of multitasking. That’s because while she pole dances, she is also able to breastfeed her daughter at the same time.

Now videos of her performing, all while using baby-wearing techniques to secure her daughter to her bosom, have gone viral.

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Posted by Ms. Wrights Way on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wright told The Huffington Post that she’s had an assortment of reactions for her videos, ranging from “confusion, joy, awe, laughter, discomfort, astonishment, fear” and many more.

When she first performed with her daughter Shannon four years ago, Shannon was not yet born and Wright was six months along in her pregnancy.

“I didn’t start climbing up the pole with her until she was one, or a little closer to two years of age,” Wright said.

She uses baby wraps to secure Shannon to her body—sometimes on her back, but when she needs to nurse she wears her in front—and goes ahead and enjoys her pole practice sessions. Wright says that her daughter usually prefers to spin with her rather than sit on the floor.

It’s been a way for her to bond with her daughter.

Since sharing videos of her pole practice/breastfeeding sessions on social media, Wright has had millions of views.

She says she hopes to inspire other moms out there, and share her experience as a mother and dancer.

Learn more about Ashley on her website.